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The Environmental News Network gathers, sifts, selects and publishes environmental news from a variety of trusted global sources, large and small 24 hours a day. We recognize that the planet is in a historic state of rapid transformation moving into a critical period of crisis, change and opportunity. With this website we aim daily to deliver news and information that supports better environmental decisions and progressive coherent change.

ENN seeks and publishes stories critical to understanding the growing planetary crisis. We spotlight problems and solutions, and lots in between. We work to identify what's broken and celebrate what and how things are getting fixed. We present information to, we hope, support evolutionary change. We consider our core mission seeding sound environmental decisions and understandings with high-quality, timely information. ENN is committed to a free unrestricted flow of information, presented with clarity, published quickly. We consider this fundamental to good decisions and the protection and rehabilitation of the planet on every level.

ENN's reputation is built on years of consistently delivering solid stories contributed by trusted sources. Our sources are a broad range of people, agencies, groups and institutions who daily generate important news and gather news stories from their corner of the E universe. We partner with contributors who present news with balance and perspective. Each day we review hundreds of stories from hundreds of sources to select the most important from thousands of possibilities to publish daily, adhering always to the tenets of quality journalism. We post stories as quickly as possible, often within minutes of original publication, starting before sunrise and well into the evening hours. We believe that the sooner you know, and the more you know, the better. We strive to publish a diverse mix of stories that accurately reflect the day's events, create a context that gives both in-depth understanding and an awareness of 'tipping point' stories that portend important emerging trends. We seek the day's events and beyond, looking for the innovations and innovators, the products, the science, the thought-leaders and paradigm shifters and the solutions that will help you decide how to shape our world and re-make our planet in new and better ways.

ENN's ultimate publishing goal is to inform, educate and inspire its audience on a daily basis, to seek and through trusted information initiate solutions to our global environmental problems and lend support to creating a sustainable, problem-free future for coming generations. We feel strongly, that given good clear news and information, the reader will find his and her own way.

Our door is always open. Feel welcome to talk to us and share your thoughts, your news, your insights, your concerns, your vision.

Roger Greenway
CEO and Publisher
The Environmental News Network
rgreenway (at) enn.com
(732) 968-2569 ext. 316

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