The History of the Environmental News Network

The Environmental News Network (ENN) is one of the oldest, and most unbiased sources of online environmental news on the web. ENN has consistently earned the loyalty of the most respected insiders like the heads of sustainability at Fortune 500 companies, government leaders or leaders of the largest non-profits. We publish on our website, offer rss feeds and distribute a daily e-newsletter to 36,000 environmental leaders. After 18 years in the environmental space, ENN has assembled a remarkable database of experience, content, contacts and understanding of the environment.

Our mission is simple: to provide a global perspective on environmental issues, and to promote thought, discussion, and awareness among our readers, our Press Members, our Editorial Affiliates and the other customers we service.

ENN's editorial team publishes both original content, sourced affiliate news from our 44 Editorial Affiliates and gathers and filters articles from a variety of other news streams. Our core sources include major wire services plus stories from numerous partners, contributors, freelance & citizen journalists, and research associates from around the world.

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