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Published October 8, 2013 03:52 PM

Solar for Sure

Yesterday, Governor Brown signed into law AB 327, a comprehensive rate reform bill to create more certainty for Californians who want to go solar, ensuring rooftop solar is here to stay in California!

The Governor issued a signing statement for AB 327 directing the CPUC to ensure that customers who go solar under the current 5% program cap will get to stay under current program rules for the life of their solar array. That's important direction for the agency as it implements the bill in 2014.


From Governor Brown: "This comprehensive rate reform legislation provides the CPUC with the necessary authority to address current electricity rate inequities, protect low-income energy users and maintain robust incentives for renewable energy investments. Specifically, the bill gives the CPUC the authority to craft new electricity rate structures while increasing statutory discounts for qualified low-income customers. It also requires the electric utilities to develop distribution infrastructure plans to ensure that ratepayer dollars are being utilized in the most efficient way possible. Finally, the bill makes it clear that California's 33% RPS is a floor, not a ceiling. As the CPUC considers rules regarding grandfathering of net metering customers, I expect the Commission to ensure that customers who took service under net metering prior to reaching the statutory net metering cap on or before July 1, 2017, are protected under those rules for the expected life of their systems."

For a quick summary of the bill and what it does for rooftop solar in California read more at: Clean Techies

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