From: Erik Hagen, The Ecologist, More from this Affiliate
Published December 6, 2013 08:07 AM

EU considering fisheries link with Morocco

On 10 December, the European Parliament will vote over a huge fisheries partnership agreement with Morocco. If the agreement is approved the environment, human rights, peace and international law will all suffer. Erik Hagen reports.


For Europe's Parliamentarians to retain a shred of honour, they must firmly repudiate this ghastly agreement.
As the EU cultivates its 'good neighbour' relations with Morocco it is is turning a blind eye to those things it would rather not see.

Morocco holds Western Sahara - a country whose right to independence is recognised by the United Nations - under a terrifying military occupation. And the EU is set to join, in clear violation of international law, in the plunder of Western Sahara's fish.

Morocco is the only occupying power on the African continent. Its government refuses to respect the more than one hundred UN resolutions that call for the Sahrawi people's right to self-determination; or to follow up former peace agreements for a referendum in Western Sahara.

Every year Morocco receives international criticism, including from the European Parliament, for the way it cracks down on those who peacefully fight for their right to self-determination. But these protests have little effect on Morocco's actions.

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