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Published March 24, 2005 12:00 AM

Stock Your Garden Shed with Eco-Friendly Tools

Hundreds of products on the market today can assist you in creating the garden of your dreams, but how many of them line up with your goal of sustainability? ENN's research has turned up some innovative, Earth-friendly tools that just might help you get the job done.

Lawn Aerator Sandals

If you can't resist the lure of a luscious lawn, how about considering some eco-friendly means of keeping it healthy? They may not represent the pinnacle of fashion, but these sandals can do wonders for your lawn. So put vanity aside, strap 'em on, take a stroll, and let your yard breathe!

Learn more/buy some Lawn Aerator Sandals.

The Original Wheelbarrow Screener

Here's a smart way to save money (and spare yourself an aching back) while making the most of the naturally occurring gardening resources you have on hand. Just shovel compost or mulch onto the Wheelbarrow Screener and it'll do its thing -- letting the good stuff fall right into the wheelbarrow for easy portability, and keeping the big stuff out for mighty fine topsoil.

Learn more/buy The Original Wheelbarrow Screener.

Slug X Trap

English gardeners know that slugs just love to belly up to the bar, and this trap exploits their fatal flaw, helping you create your very own pub. Once a slug crawls in for a pint, lured by a special concentrated beer aroma, there's no way out. The Slug X Trap is portable and doesn't need to be buried to be effective.

Learn more/buy a Slug X Trap.

Recycled Bucket

There are even environmentally friendly alternatives out there for some of the more mundane gardening necessities. Take this bucket, for example. Made from 100% recycled polyethylene, these multi-purpose vessels are perfect for a multitude of uses. Available in three sizes: small, medium, and (you guessed it) large.

Learn more/buy a Recycled Bucket.

Organic Soil Test Kit

It's common sense that healthy soil mean healthy plants. This kit offers a simple means of gauging the fertility of the ground your plants are in. Interpreting the results gives you the clues you need to improve the richness of your garden's soil. Your plants will thank you!

Learn more/buy the Organic Soil Test Kit.

Beneficial Insect Packages

Buy bugs by the bag for the very best natural insect control. It's worth taking the time to research which bugs would be the best helpers in your garden before you buy. Check out an article from ENN about beneficial bugs that features links to shopping resources.

Compost Tumbler

Throw grass, kitchen scraps, garden clippings, and more into this seven cubic foot vat and before you know it -- voilà! -- rich fertilizer. The Tumbleweed Composter is a space-savior for gardeners lacking the room for more expansive composting efforts, and it's engineered for easy turning.

Learn more/buy a Compost Tumbler.

Root Jack

When it's time to roll up your sleeves and do some heavy lifting in the garden, a Root Jack can be a handy implement to have around. It makes the arduous task of digging up roots, stubborn weeds, and other unwanted plants that have taken up residence in your garden a virtual breeze.

Learn more/buy a Root Jack.

Milky Spore Powder

If you're plagued by Japanese beetles, it's Milky Spore Powder to the rescue! This stuff nips the beetle problem in the bud -- or the grub, to be more accurate -- killing beetle grubs before they grow up to wreak havoc in your garden. Best of all, the powder is natural, and safe for people, pets, and the soil.

Learn more/buy some Milky Spore Powder.

Rain Barrel

Here's recycling at its finest. Catch rainwater in this 50-gallon barrel and you've got a perfect source of hydration for your precious plants. Originally used as food barrels to hold peppers from Greece, these recycled barrels feature a water spigot, a hose connection, and an overflow valve.

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