From: the Sacramento Bee
Published July 14, 2005 12:00 AM

PETA Unveils Ads Attacking California Dairy Industry

In another effort to challenge the California milk industry's "happy cows" campaign, an international animal-rights group is rolling out its own "unhappy cows" ads.

In a new TV ad sponsored by People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, actor James Cromwell, a farmer in the pig movie "Babe," declares, "The California dairy industry is allowed to lie to the public about how dairy cows are treated."

The ad's unveiling came a few months after PETA lost its appeal to the California Supreme Court to have the milk board's "happy cow" ads banned.

PETA said that unlike the idyllic scenes in the ads funded by the California Milk Advisory Board, the state's dairy cows are subjected to horrible conditions and cruelty, said Bruce Friedrich, director of Vegan Campaign for PETA.

"Consumers deserve to know if they're consuming California cheese, they are supporting cruelty to animals," he said. "-- They deserve to know the very unhappy truth."

But in an e-mailed statement, the milk board said "PETA is not a credible source on animal welfare issues since it is currently being investigated for inhumane treatment of animals," referring to a North Carolina case.

It said California dairy families "take great pride in the way they treat their animals and are proud to produce a healthy product for California consumers."

The PETA ads will begin airing in two weeks in Sacramento, Modesto, Santa Cruz, San Diego and Bakersfield.

Source: Knight Ridder/Tribune Business News

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