From: Paul Geary, ENN
Published April 26, 2005 12:00 AM

Coleman Natural Foods Announces Natural Product Line for Conventional Grocery Retailers

GOLDEN, Colo. — Coleman Natural Foods, the largest natural meat company in the United States, announced today that it is offering a new line of all natural beef, poultry, lamb, pork and sausage products to the conventional grocery channel. The new "Coleman Purely Natural" line will be offered in dedicated natural meat sections within conventional grocery stores across the country.

The natural and organic category continues to grow faster than any other segment in the grocery business. "The entire food industry is undergoing some of the most profound changes in its history. In recent years, the demand for premium natural foods has grown at an incredible rate," Mel Coleman Jr., Chairman, Coleman Natural Foods said.

Coleman says that its research confirmed that consumers are undergoing significant life changes that have caused them to rethink their current food and eating habits and seek all natural and organic products.

"While today's consumers are interested in both the quality and taste, greater numbers are increasingly concerned about the use of antibiotics and hormones," Jeff Tripician, Coleman Natural Foods, Vice President, Chief Marketing Officer said. "Coleman Purely Natural is committed to the highest standard for all natural and organic products. We are seeking new ways to bring our customers greater value, quality and service," Tripician added.

"Consumers are looking to eat healthier, and as there is more and more dialogue about the concerns of hormones and antibiotics. Consumers are turning to the natural food industry for answers. By offering various all-natural protein options at conventional grocery stores we are presenting consumers with a truly natural meat option/alternative much like the choices they have in the produce and dairy areas of the store," Tripician said.


The changes in grocery-shopper buying habits have an impact on one of the most important aspects of grocery-product marketing: display and placement. Food wholesalers compete, often fiercely, for advantageous placement of their products in the stores of the major supermarket chains. Coleman is hoping to tackle that issue by providing a separate case that is specific to the new line.

The 4'-6'-foot "Coleman Purely Natural" case would be managed by Coleman distributors.

"Many of the largest grocers today are interested in providing premium natural and organic foods to shoppers in an easy-to-find location with a broad selection of products. The Coleman Purely Natural brand meets the needs of grocers and consumers alike. We are partnering with retailers to grow with the changing needs of today's consumers," Coleman, Jr. said.

Source: Coleman Natural Foods, Business Wire

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