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Published April 14, 2005 12:00 AM

EarthNews Radio: PBS's "Deep Jungle"

The new PBS series "Deep Jungle" brings you up close to some of the most fascinating creatures in nature.

ENN's Jerry Kay spoke with Fred Kaufman, Executive Producer of the "NATURE" series on PBS andCo-Producer of "Deep Jungle":

Listen to EarthNews Radio: Deep Jungle

Kaufman says that the means to filming in nature can range from the high tech, to the use of a child's toy.

He says that for example, his team wanted to get a look at a chicken-eating spider that lives in burrows and tree holes. To see them, a lipstick-tube sized camera was attached to a child's motorcycle toy that was then driven through the hole. The spiders attacked it -- but Kaufman's team successfully got a look at the spiders in their habitat.

PBS is airing an extensive line-up of environmental programs in April in honor of Earth Day including "Journey to Planet Earth" as well as "Deep Jungle."

Jerry Kay talked to Hal Weiner, Producer of "Journey to Planet Earth" on EarthNews radio as well; you can read about that interview, and link to the broadcast:

"Journey to Planet Earth"

About "Deep Jungle": Part of the "NATURE" series, "Deep Jungle" penetrates the mysteries of the world's rainforests featuring the experiences of more than a dozen leadingscientists working in 14 nations around the world. These projects areyielding data, insights - and often startling revelations - about the past,present and future of life on Earth.

Learn more about "Deep Jungle" at PBS's web site:

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