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Published April 28, 2005 12:00 AM

SBC California Joins the California Climate Action Registry

LOS ANGELES &$151; SBC California, subsidiary of telecom giant SBC, has joined a group of corporate environmental leaders as a new member of the California Climate Action Registry (the Registry). As a member, it will voluntarily measure and publicly report its emissions of greenhouse gases.

SBC California provides voice, data, networking, e-business, directory publishing and advertising, and related services to businesses, consumers and other telecommunications providers.

The California Climate Action Registry, created by California statute in 2001, helps companies and organization to track, publicly report and reduce their emissions of the gases that can lead to global warming. The results are certified by independent organizations to confirm accuracy.

"SBC has been a leader in the California telecom industry. Now it is taking leadership on this critical environmental issue," said Diane Wittenberg, President of the California Climate Action Registry. "SBC will help to focus the attention of the telecom industry on addressing global warming."

“SBC is proud to join this effort and become part of a corporate team that is committed to protecting our environment,” said Lora Watts, President of External Affairs for SBC. “Our goal is to be California’s leader in providing top quality telecommunications products and services, along with outstanding value, and we think it’s important to do so in a way that is environmentally sensitive.”

The California Climate Action Registry is a non-profit public/private partnership that serves as a voluntary greenhouse gas (GHG) registry to protect, encourage and promote early actions to reduce GHG emissions. Over 40 major companies, cities, government agencies and NGOs measure and publicly report their GHG emissions through the Registry.

Source: California Climate Action Registry

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