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Published November 3, 2005 12:00 AM

Vegetarian Dog Food Is Now Available Throughout the U.S.

SACRAMENTO, California — The original vegetarian dog food, Happidog from England, is now available in the USA as V-dog. V-dog is the result of 25 years of dog-nutrition research. V-dog is a complete high protein, nutritionally balanced food providing all the natural goodness a pet needs in an appetizing and easily digestible form. The carefully selected ingredients used in V-dog provide a healthy alternative to meat-based pet foods.

"V-dog is free from artificial colors and preservatives. This unique blend of natural preservatives actually enhances your pets' natural immune system," said David Middlesworth, President of V-dogfood. "The vegetarian diet also helps in cases of sensitive digestions, skin problems and suspected allergies to meat."

The natural, wholesome and healthy ingredients provide the right balance of nutrients to help maintain a healthy and active life. For product ingredients, pricing and background, please visit

About V-dogfood: V-dog is the name in the United States for a leading brand of vegetarian dog food known in the U.K. as Happidog. Manufactured in the U.K., V-dog is approved by The Vegetarian Society and is approved under the BUAV (British Union for the Abolition of Vivisection) as it is not tested on animals.

V-dogfood is headquartered in Sacramento, CA.

Source: Business Wire, V-dogfood

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