From: Jerry Kay, ENN
Published June 27, 2005 12:00 AM

ENN Newsletter Articles: To Summarize or Not To Summarize...That is the Question

The readers of our newsletter and visitors to our site have always been passionate about the environment and loyal to ENN. During the last year many of you have asked us to provide you with more stories in the daily newsletter. You also asked us to accomplish this with minimal scrolling required and you wanted the newsletter to remain about the same size. Our answer to your request was simply to eliminate story summaries and increase the number of articles in each issue.

When we did this about a week ago we received many responses from our readers. These responses were strongly worded and conveyed a clear message: Return to the old format.

That is exactly what we have done, beginning with today's issue. We are enormously grateful for your responses and we encourage you to keep letting us know how we can serve you better. I welcome your comments. Please write to:

This also gives me a chance to highlight a few other additions to ENN. I still receive email messages from people who say that they want a once-a-week summary of the news. Senior Editor Carrie Schluter now prepares the ENN Weekly which we publish on Fridays. Each issue includes summaries of and links to ten notable stories of the week, a review of sustainable economy news, a guest commentary, and a rundown of the week's EarthNews Radio shows:

While we have been a global environmental news site for a decade, there have been -- and continue to be -- many new developments in terms of how people want the news delivered. To meet these needs, we recently added RSS feeds for our news, which are on all news pages, and Podcasts for our radio programs:


Our readers also are looking for different points of view and fresh perspectives regarding the many environmental challenges we face. To meet this need we began the ENN Guest Commentary series. These opinion pieces are written primarily by representatives of environmental organizations. If you have a point of view to share, please let me know:

Beyond Organic is an hour-long radio program I have hosted for the last two years. If you are interested in organic food and agriculture, this is the show for you. Please stop by the program’s website:

We want to continue to improve to make the site as useful to our visitors as possible. Your thoughts are always welcome.

And on the subject of the newsletter, once again, thank you for your counsel.

Jerry Kay
Publisher, Environmental News Network

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