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Published July 1, 2005 12:00 AM

A Few Words from ENN Publisher Jerry Kay

Over the course of the past week or two, your ideas and comments have been very helpful as we've considered -- and then re-considered -- the format of our newsletter and web site. (See "ENN Newsletter Articles: To Summarize or Not To Summarize...That is the Question," ENN, June 27, 2005.)

On the matter of whether or not to include short article summaries in our newsletter, the preponderance of pro-summary emails led us to the conclusion that more is, well...more. Accordingly, we switched back to our tried-and-true format this week. A sampling of comments:

"Much better to have short blurbs under the headlines. I started just deleting them when they were only headline sentences."

"I really enjoy the daily newsletter. It is a must for anyone interested in environmental concerns. Thank you."

"Thanks for bringing back the story summaries. I enjoy the teasers; they often entice me to read stories I'd otherwise ignore. I thought I'd missed the editorial note introducing the change to headlines only. And I assumed I was in the minority - folks that liked the squibs. I'm glad to learn I was in the majority (albeit silent).”


"I'm glad you've gone back to the short summaries - the headlines aren't user friendly, when you've only got a few seconds to glance through at the news. And I value fewer articles with summaries more than more, but without. Thanks for going back."

"Thank you for listening and going back to the old very useful format! Shows you all are truly great."

“I use you as my primary source for environmental news and appreciate that you're usually one step ahead of everyone else. Keep up the good work."

As we head into long summer weekend, I just wanted to take a moment to thank you, ENN's readers, for consistently engaging with us in our endeavor to create products that are as valuable to you as they possibly can be. That's why we're here.

Happy Fourth of July.

Jerry Kay, Publisher

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