From: Vanessa Woods
Published September 7, 2007 06:31 PM

Vanessa Wood's Blog From The Congo Starts Today: The Amazing Bonobo

The Bonobo chimp shares 98.7% of human DNA, equal to chimpanzees. But unlike chimps, little is known about the this animal, except they enjoy a social structure almost free of violence. To learn more, and learn why, Australian psychologist and ENN contributor Vanessa Woods and a team of Australian researchers are traveling to a remote forest preserve near the Congo capital of Kinshasa. There on a 35 hectare forest live over 50 orphan Bonobos. Woods and her team will study the Bonobo, their remarkable form of socialization and maybe shed more light on how we became human. Follow ENN contributor Vanessa Wood on her research and progress, starting today in the "Animals" section here on ENN.


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