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Published September 23, 2007 12:10 PM

New Software Designs & Calculates the "Green" in Your Building

Santa Rosa, California – Green Building Studio, Inc., today announced a new software program that gives architects, owners, and building design teams the ability to assess carbon neutrality potential and many other complex factors, including total PV & wind energy, emissions, total building energy, and water consumption for commercial and residential building design alternatives. The software is designed to work with leading BIM design tools Autodesk and Graphisoft. The software is called Green Building Studio V3.0

The new software package helps designers calculate and design "green" into a building. New features include:

-- Carbon Neutral Building Check - Automatically estimates the feasibility for each building to achieve carbon neutral status using local grid emission data.

-- US EPA ENERGY STAR Score - Computing each building's US EPA ENERGY STAR score or Architecture 2030's targets.

-- Photovoltaic & Wind Energy - Automatically analyzes the PV and wind energy potential for the building. Summarizes PV potential for every surface on building.

-- Water Use Analysis - Estimates the water needs, savings associated with efficiency measures, rain capture potential, and LEED credits for the building.

-- Daylighting with Energy Savings - Automatically determines LEED Glaze factor for each room with lighting control energy savings.

-- Natural Ventilation Potential - Automatically determines if the building location and loads are well-suited for naturally ventilating the building.

-- Local Weather Data - Providing access to over 60,000 weather locations, ensuring the design team uses local hourly weather data within 14km of your building rather than selecting from the typical 230 airport locations.

-- Corporate Accounts - Providing firm-wide management of users, building designs, building templates, and review of corporate wide CO2 emission, energy and water use analyses. Leverage key staff on every project no matter which office they are in.

Access to the new software is free for existing and potential customers.

Links: Green Building Studio

See a building designed to be carbon neutral in five minutes using Green Building Studio

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