From: Paul Schaefer, ENN
Published September 27, 2007 07:56 PM

Corn-based Plastic Packaging Hits The Marketplace

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla.- A Florida body care company has launched an innovative and earth friendly way to package their products. Their new case, which contains five travel size products, is made entirely from 100% U.S. grown corn, not foreign petroleum. This material is produced from plastic that consists of polylactide, a corn-based versatile polymer.

"As ex-organic farmers in Maine, this package offers us an opportunity to support fellow U.S. farmers while offering our customers a beautiful package that is good for the environment," says Richie Gerber, President of BeeCeuticals Organics. "Many companies, including natural and organic ones, use vinyl bags for their kits even though it is one of the most toxic materials to produce. We wanted to move away from that, and believe we have found the most environmentally-friendly alternative with corn plastic."

Corn plastic is more energy efficient than other plastics and takes 60% less fossil fuel to produce. It also comes from yearly renewable resources, is recyclable, and industrially compostable and biodegradable. BeeCeuticals Organics is currently one of only two body care brands to be Fair Trade Certified by TransFair USA, the only third-party certifier of Fair Trade products in the United States. Fair trade guarantees livable wages for the workers and families of ingredient producers to improve opportunities for healthcare, housing and education.



"This is an exciting new product for us," says Julie Gerber, VP of Marketing for BeeCeuticals Organics. "Not only is it a great, healthy product for the consumer that works wonders, but it is also ethical and helps support the environment."

For a body care product to be certified organic, it must meet the criteria set for food by the USDA's National Organic Program and contain 95-100% certified organic ingredients. Ingredients that are not organic must be on the approved list and be unavailable in certified organic form such as Vitamin A or Vitamin E. BeeCeuticals is one of only a handful of body care brands offering USDA certified organic products.

  The Hive Five Kit consists of:

-- USDA Certified Organic Body Balm
-- The Royal Treatment Facial Cream: 82% Certified Organic Ingredients
-- Bee-Hair-Now Shampoo: 60% Certified Organic Ingredients
-- Bee-Hair-Now Conditioner: 87% Certified Organic Ingredients
-- Honey Thyme Hand & Body Lotion: 76% Certified Organic Ingredients

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