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Published October 6, 2005 12:00 AM

ENN TV Showcases a World of Environmental Stories

SAN FRANCISCO — Well known as the best Internet destination for environmental news and information, ENN recently added an exciting new offering to its diverse suite of media products.

ENN TV, at features the most compelling environmental programming from around the world. Refreshed frequently with new films, ENN TV showcases the work of environmental organizations, environmentally focused businesses, documentary filmmakers, and more. Check out these films, currently among those playing on ENN TV:

While all five species of rhinoceros are threatened with extinction, the outlook is particularly grim for the most charismatic of them all: the Sumatran rhino. Dr. Nan Schaefer of the nonprofit group SOS Rhino dedicates her life to rhino welfare, promoting education and conducting research into rhinoceros fertility. In this film, SOS Rhino introduces viewers to the charming Sumatran rhino, tells their story, which began more than 40,000,000 years ago, and makes a compelling case for working to bring them back from the brink of extinction.

Uniquely and compellingly, this video gives viewers a new reason to recycle by putting a human face on it. The next time you take out the trash, think of Miriam and her adorable 14-month-old son, Dodo. Living in poverty in an outer Bangkok suburb, Miriam ekes out a living rummaging through rubbish for recyclables. A competitive "business," trash collecting is arduous, backbreaking work that pays Miriam only enough to cover her and Dodo's basic needs.

Sea turtles are the canaries in the coal mine for ocean health, "ambassadors of sea," says renowned oceanographer Sylvia Earle. Swimming the oceans when dinosaurs roamed the earth, sea turtles have existed virtually unchanged through millennia. Vast in number less than a century ago, all seven sea turtle species are endangered today. This video focuses on the magnificent, enigmatic leatherback, the largest of all sea turtles, and the work of the Sea Turtle Restoration Project to save it from oblivion.


Here's an apt description of sustainability: "Sustainability is about using the interest of nature, not the capital." For businesses considering adopting some sustainable practices, the case is increasingly compelling. In today's market there's an increasing demand for environmentally sounds goods and services. In this video we meet a number of business owners in diverse fields who have incorporated sustainable practices for increased efficiency and profitability.

According to ENN Publisher and ENN TV General Manager Jerry Kay, the potential uses of ENN TV are endless. “ENN TV represents a new dimension in news and information delivery,” Kay says, “It’s about content integration -- text, audio, images, video -- all delivered in a uniquely user-friendly way.”

The "user-friendly" technology that drives ENN TV is the FLIMP (Flash Interactive Media Player), a groundbreaking media player that offers viewers a high definition TV experience on the Internet with lightning-fast downloads (up to 70% faster than other media players). “The FLIMP is the next generation of media players,” Kay says.

For a limited time, ENN will showcase a variety of productions for free, giving businesses, organizations, and individuals an opportunity to share their videos with the world. To inquire, please email a brief synopsis of your video to Jerry Kay at for consideration. Submissions may be a maximum of four minutes long, and, if accepted, may be delivered in DVD or DV tape format.

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