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Published February 7, 2008 09:51 AM

Sweden Uses Humans to Heat Building

The gorgeous Greta Garbo was from Sweden. Uma Thurman, Candice Bergen, and the wide-eyed Gyllenhaall sibs all trace their pretty genes back to that icy country, too. We've got to say, as a people, the Swedes are pretty smokin'.

And now, the people of Sweden are joining their hot bodies together for a good cause: To help the environment.

Get your mind out of the gutter – it's all perfectly innocent. Under an innovative new plan, the body heat from more than 250,000 people who pass through Stockholm Central Station each day will be captured and used to warm up water in a series of pipes, which will be pumped into a new office building nearby.

"All people produce heat, and that heat is in fact fairly difficult to get rid of," property administrator Karl Sundholm told AFP. "Instead of opening windows and letting all that heat go to waste, we want to harness it through the ventilation system."


"This is old technology, but used in a new way. It's just pipes, water and pumps, but we haven't heard of anyone else using this technology in this way before," Sundholm added.

The energy-efficient ventilation system is expected to reduce the building's heating bills by 20 percent, and will cost a very reasonable amount – just over $30,000. Let's hear it for all those hot Swedes.

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