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Published March 21, 2008 12:26 PM

Bike Park Planned for New York City

We all know it's way easier on the environment to ride a bike than to drive a car – not to mention, a few miles of cycling each day might finally take off those extra ten pounds you put on over the holidays. And best of all, biking is absolutely free – no gas prices or bus tickets to worry about. To us, it sounds like the perfect transportation situation.

But for urban dwellers, it can often be tough to find a place to park your ride. While cities are full of expensive car garages, you'll rarely find a similar spot for your bike, and even when you do, you can't help but worry that someone will swipe it by the time you're ready to head home.


Now, cyclists in the Big Apple are working to find a solution to their parking problem: A group of bike-loving business execs have proposed a plan to create New York's first bikes-only parking lot, complete with its very own attendant. They've already found a lot in Midtown, and are hoping to acquire a $200,000 sponsorship from an eco-friendly corporation in the area.

"We're really looking for a big number to build something quite spectacular," Daniel A. Biederman, president of the 34th Street Partnership, told The New York Times. "We want this to be the premier bike parking facility in the country."

Though long-term parkers would pay a small fee, the lot would be free to bikers just stopping for a quick coffee break. The concept is based on a similar project in Chicago, where cyclists can score an annual parking pass for a mere $149 – less than a week's worth of fees for drivers in most major cities.

Sounds like soon enough, NYC bikers will have the best of both worlds: Free eco-friendly transportation and a great place to park. Next, they'll just have to see about getting some bike lanes in downtown Manhattan – that'll happen, right?

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