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Published January 10, 2006 12:00 AM

On Beyond Organic: Farming in the City

For the low-income urban farmers of South Central Los Angeles, creating a 14-acre community garden has been a life changing opportunity.

Over the last 10 years, it’s allowed many of them to earn a living and create their own access to fresh produce. The garden has been a vibrant green space where families can grow traditional ethnic foods and expose their children to a gang-free environment.

So when their 14-acre community garden was sold out from under them, they decided to occupy, refusing to leave despite legal challenges and intimidation tactics. On January 13th 2006, a court decision will decide whether the 300+ South Central Farmers can be forcibly removed.

“We’re exhausted,” said Tezo, a spokesperson for the garden. “But we’re starting our season and everyone is looking forward to the harvest.”


Join host Jerry Kay, publisher of the Environmental News Network, to learn more about the South Central Farmers. He also talks to award-winning author Michael Olson, an expert on profitable small parcel farming, and we’ll hear from an urban beekeeper.

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