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Published May 29, 2008 08:59 AM

Act Local, Vote Global

As Hillary, Barack, and John pose for cameras, raise more cash and try to convince the disenchanted citizens of America to vote for them, eco fashion is taking its own stance. It seems, sadly, that none of the three candidates seem like they have their environmental positioning totally on point. McCain seems to think nuclear energy is the most viable strategy for fulfilling our growing energy demands-darn that toxic nuclear waste with a million year half life!


Barack flip flops regularly on coal, depending on who he’s talking to, even though coal is made up of about 60-80% carbon and guess what is produced when you burn it? Carbon dioxide! Hillary gets incredible scores from The League of Conservation Voters, but she’s in on the “clean coal” smokescreen as well. The environmental politics of the winning candidate will make a massive difference in the survival of America’s wildlife and natural beauty, as well as the health of our citizenry. How do we make sense of these candidates’ policies on the environment?

Sameunderneath is one eco fashion brand that reminds us that, regardless of who our political party is, we must take the entire planet into consideration at the polls: Vote Global. This bamboo t-shirt is super soft and definitely crosses the aisle when it comes to the environment.

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