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Published June 30, 2008 08:14 AM

Coming Clean: Struggle over Label Fraud in Organic Body Care Products

The I-Team investigates non-food organic products being sold in stores.

Both "100% natural" and "Pure and Organic" sound great for the consumer and safe for the environment but exactly what kind of products have consumers been using?


"We literally are bathing ourselves in chemicals every day," said Adam Eidinger with the Organic Consumers Association.

Eidinger says he isvery skeptical of any products marketed as organic. "The U.S. Government is not testing these products to make sure they're pure, to make sure they actually are not contaminated."

The OCA lab-tested100 soaps and lotions. The results showed nearly half of the items were contaminated with a cancer-causing chemical. Some were contaminatedat very high levels.

"I was shocked that so many brands had the 1,4-dioxane in them," said Eidinger.

The1,4-dioxane is created when certain ingredients mix during manufacturing. Studies havelinked high concentrations of the chemical to cancer.

"We're talking about increasing your risk of cancer, and introducing a toxic carcinogenic substance into the bloodstream," said Eidinger.

After doing its own tests, the California Attorney General's office filed a lawsuit against Avalon Natural Products, Beaumont Products, Nutribiotic, and Whole Foods Market.

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