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Published October 22, 2008 10:12 AM

The 120MPG Electric Aptera Unveiled

I first mentioned the Aptera last year, when it was being test driven. This car’s eye-catching design isn’t just for show — it’s designed to be a very, very efficient vehicle. Just check out the video below you’ll see what I’m talking about:


Much like a jet, the shape of the Aperta is designed to be highly aerodynamic.

According to the designers, the drag coefficient of his two-seater Typ-1e is a mere 0.15, about the same as the sideview mirror on a conventional car. Compare that to 0.26 for the Toyota Prius or more than 0.40 for today’s SUVs.

Recently, it was driven through New York, and past people crammed outside the Hearst Tower as the Aptera Typ-1e electric vehicle pulled up to accept itsBreakthrough Award from Popular Mechanics.

The Aptera is currently in production, and it’s expected to cost around $30,000. The all-electric version of the Aptera gets the equivalent of 120 MPG, which scheduled to available this year. A 300 mpg plug-in version will follow in 2009. The company is accepting reservations now.

The car is also said to be very safe, see the safety FAQ here.

Link: Aptera

Via: Popular Mechanics

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