From: Fox Business News
Published April 1, 2009 10:42 AM

Ford's Energy Efficiency Efforts Earn EPA Award

Ford Motor Company's actions to reduce the amount of energy used to manufacture vehicles and support its U.S. operations have earned it the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency's coveted 2009 ENERGY STAR Award for the fourth consecutive year.

The 2009 ENERGY STAR Award for Sustained Excellence recognizes Ford's continued leadership and commitment to protecting the environment through energy efficiency.

"Ford Motor Company is committed to the responsible use of resources," said George Andraos, director, Energy and Manufacturing Site Management. "Energy efficiency is critical to running a strong and successful business delivering both financial and environmental benefits."


In 2008, Ford improved energy efficiency in the U.S. by 5 percent resulting in savings of approximately $16 million. Actual savings due to plant shutdowns were higher, but Ford measures energy efficiency as energy consumed per vehicle. Since 2000, Ford's U.S. facilities have improved energy efficiency by nearly 35 percent. That's equivalent to the annual energy consumed by more than 150,000 homes.

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