From: Eleanor Beardsley, NPR
Published September 30, 2009 09:51 AM

In Europe, A Cow Over Hormone-Treated U.S. Beef

The U.S. and the European Union recently settled one of their longest-running trade disputes: over beef. Under the deal, the EU agreed to quadruple import quotas for hormone-free U.S. beef, but it still won't import hormone-treated American beef, because many Europeans consider it unhealthy.

Farmer Michel Baudot, who raises cattle in France's Burgundy region, says the two cattle industries are run differently: One focuses on profit and the other on quality.


For seven generations, his family has bread the stocky white Charolais cows indigenous to the area.

In the summer, his herd of 600 cattle grazes freely on his 1,500-acre farm. In winter, the animals are sheltered in his barn, where they eat hay and grain. They live on Baudot's farm until they are slaughtered. Every aspect of each cow's life is meticulously followed. Baudot says European consumers demand this.

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