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Published February 1, 2010 02:03 PM

Deloitte: Best Practices for Going Green

What do you think of when you hear Deloitte?

You might think of a professional services firm or Big Four auditor. Today, the company has also put a big green stake in the ground, both looking internally to green its operations and as an offering in its consulting practice.

Two aspects of this work are worth noting: Deloitte's internal green team, working to engage employees in sustainability, and its Green Syncâ„¢ tool.


I had the chance to have an e-mail exchange with Thomas Dekar, vice chairman of Deloitte LLP, regional managing principal of the North Central Region and corporate responsibility officer for the Deloitte U.S. Firms. He shed some light on the origins of Deloitte's programs and offerings.

Read on to learn about Deloitte's best green business practices for engaging employees in sustainability.

In January 2008, a Green Champion was selected, and green teams were formed, in each office. An Office Greening Toolkit, with projects covering the key aspects of sustainability, was distributed, and shortly thereafter, a "How green is your footprint?â„¢" survey was made available. The Green Leadership Council (GLC) was established in August 2008 as a voice for employees to help shape national programs.

The GLC is composed of senior representatives from each of the eight regions in the US and India as well as representatives from Talent, Community Involvement, Field Operations and the Enterprise Sustainability group. The council maintains a constant dialogue between national leadership and people on the ground in offices across the country.

The GLC's broad role is to assist in implementing a sustainable green culture at Deloitte, develop and share green ideas across regions, participate in the development of greening goals, track and monitor performance in implementing ideas and achieving greening goals, and identify and address challenges and opportunities related to greening Deloitte.

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