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Published August 16, 2010 03:51 PM

Social Media, Technology, and Change Conference, New York City November 1st.

ENN is proud to be a media sponsor of this important event hosted by our Affiliate, Justmeans.

The rapid adoption of social media and the shift within corporations to measure and manage social and environmental impact is fundamentally changing the way companies engage with their stakeholders. Companies will need to work much more closely with stakeholders in order to navigate these two trends. Despite the complexities of this new landscape, a wide variety of best practices are emerging to aid organizations.


A select group of corporate executives, social entrepreneurs, and digital gurus will meet to discuss emerging best practices in using social media to create positive social change at the 2010 Social Media, Technology, and Change conference, to be held on November 1st, in New York City. Topics to be discussed include:

1.) The Growth of Listening Platforms: Executives from companies including Nokia and McDonalds will explore how social media technologies bring management much closer to employees and customers and the way they are soliciting ideas and feedback on strategy, both internally and externally.

2.) "Digital Activism" means communities can take collective action using social media tools and help campaigns go viral. Due to its scope, digital activism can influence consumer and marketing trends and companies are facing increasing pressure from individuals, communities, NGOs, and activists on a range of sustainability and responsibility issues. Marcia Stepanek, the forthcoming author of Swarms will discuss trends in digital activities with leaders from SocialVibe, Charity Water, and Care2.

3.)Mobile technologies are revolutionizing the way people work and live in both the developing and developed world. The founders of Voxiva and the recently venture funded The Extraordinaries are already scheduled to showcase their models for using mobile technology to drive positive social change.

4.)The development of effective learning and leadership skills comes through practical experience and structural reflection. Online gaming, traditionally the scorn of parents and educators alike, is now seen as an effective tool for disseminating knowledge and building normative behavior.

5.) An increasing number of companies and organizations are leveraging "the crowd" to source ideas, create products and services, and solve challenges. The move from a closed development process to a collaborative network that solves the needs of consumers, employees, and other stakeholders will only grow over time. Pepsi will be talking about the ROI of its Refresh Project; Innocentive will discuss how it measures the ROI on crowdsourced campaigns; Recyclebank will explore the potential for sustained incentivized campaigns.

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