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Published February 7, 2011 07:10 AM

J&J, Calvert, BMW & Others Found Sustainable Action Council

Last week a new multi-stakeholder group was formed, dubbed the Stewardship Action Council, to provide a cross-functional collaboration space for the business, investment, governmental and NGO communities to come together and drive sustainable business practices forward.

The group’s main goals are to create a multi-stakeholder learning network, creating collaborative partnerships to address local and regional environmental, social and economic challenges, advancing sustainability performance and recognizing and sharing outcomes.


To achieve those goals, the SAC has set up six working groups for its members:

  • Communications Work Group – to develop and share organizational communication materials
  • Learning Network Work Group – to create a Multi Stakeholder Learning Network
  • Collaborative Partnership Work Group – to create collaborative partnerships to address local and regional environmental, social, and economic challenges
  • Advancing Sustainability Performance Work Group – to advance sustainability performance by providing resources and tools to help all member organizations improve performance (Adopt Sustainability Performance Standard)
  • Recognizing and Sharing Outcomes Work Group – to encourage, recognize, and share successful results of our membership
  • Member Development Work Group – to promote participation in SAC

Participating members of the council will also set measurable goals and report upon them publicly. The concept behind the collaboration is that while each group may be facing different sets of challenges, the diverse members can generate solutions to those challenges facing each individual group.

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