From: Reuters
Published May 15, 2006 12:00 AM

Sheep in Cairo Thanks Australia for Animal Ban

CAIRO — An activist dressed as a sheep presented a floral bouquet to the Australian embassy in Cairo on Sunday for its country's ban on exporting live animals to Egypt.

The temporary ban came after a film, shown on Australian television and shot at Egyptian ports and abattoirs, showed Australian sheep and cattle dragged off ships by their legs and ears and slaughtered within sight of other animals.

In a stunt performed under the watchful eye of Egyptian security, Jason Baker of the animal rights group Peta gave the flowers to consular officer Andrew Macksey as a thank-you.

"For once they (Australia) have made the right decision," Baker told reporters outside the embassy, which wants to resume the live trade once it has assurances of better treatment for the sheep and cattle.

Source: Reuters

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