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Published June 15, 2011 06:02 AM

Verizon Exceeds AT&T’s Energy Efficiency Performace

Like AT&T, Verizon also recently released their 2010 Corporate Social Responsibility Report.

Verizon's greenhouse gas emissions, which were 6.06 million metric tons (down 2.18% from 2009) beats AT&T (8.97 million) in absolute terms, per dollar of revenue and per terabyte of throughput. Their electrical energy consumption was 10.24 billion kWh. That's a carbon-intensity efficiency of 130.27. AT&T's was 415, more than three times as high. I don't have enough information to explain the difference here, but it looks like AT&T has some catching up to do in this area. They also did not provide data on actual energy usage, only their rate per terabyte.

Verizon announced three major organizational initiatives this year:

  • Establishment of a Corporate Responsibility Council—led by two senior officers, overseen by the board of directors and populated by leaders from across the business—to set priorities, performance targets and measurements.
  • Creation of a Consumer Advisory Board and Strategic Alliances program to maintain a constant dialogue with our stakeholders and act as an early warning system for emerging issues and customer concerns.
  • Initiation of Verizon's first formal sustainability program under the leadership of a Chief Sustainability Officer.

Their HopeLine phone recycling and reuse program collected over 1.1 million phones. Of these, 87% were refurbished and the rest were recycled. Proceeds supported domestic violence survivors.

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