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Published August 23, 2011 08:09 AM

The Efficiency Opportunity Roadmap

If we zoom out to the 50,000 foot view, we can clearly see that there are opportunities to improve the energy efficiency of computer servers at every level, micro to macro, from the silicon within a server’s internal processors to the buildings the server are housed within. Starting at the Silicon level, certain components, such as green RAM and disk drives, can use less power at normal operational loads through lower voltage or other low power designs (e.g., solid-state drives instead of hard disk drives). Additionally, certain components, such as the CPU and hard disk drives, can dynamically lower their power needs when less busy or idle, typically in conjunction with the operating system.


The operating system can employ some very sophisticated power management capabilities. By monitoring system operation, it can understand and respond to usage patterns, thereby allowing the hardware reduce its energy use.

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