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Published November 1, 2011 04:47 PM

Toymaker Hasbro cuts deforestation from its supply chain

Hasbro, the second largest American toy company, today announced a new packaging policy that excludes the use of fiber produced via destruction of rainforests, reports Greenpeace. The policy requires suppliers of forest products to "demonstrate compliance with all applicable international and national legal requirements for forest management, harvest, manufacturing and trade." It mandates third party verification of legality in cases when a supplier is sourcing from areas determined to be "high risk" for illegal logging.


Hasbro says is will not use any virgin fiber that contains Mixed Tropical Hardwood (MTH), which typically indicates the fiber has been derived from clearing of natural rainforests.

"Forest products that originate from Controversial Sources shall not be purchased," says the toy giant.

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Photo:  WWF 2010

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