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Published March 23, 2012 08:42 AM

Spotlight on: National Wildlife Week, US

National Wildlife Week is under way in the US this week and the theme is "Celebrating Extra-ordinary Wildlife". Shining a spotlight on incredible species happens to be our specialty here at ARKive (although, we do think every species is special!) so we decided to comb through the collection to highlight some of the species on ARKive with near-super hero powers.


The Skydiver

First on our list is the peregrine falcon (pic). Just what makes this bird so amazing? Reaching aerial diving speeds of up to 155mph, this raptor is incredibly swift and nearly embodies the term "fast food" as it catches its prey in mid-air!

The Globetrotter

Next up is the world's largest canid, the grey wolf. This efficient predator has keen eyesight to pick out weak, young or vulnerable prey and a crushing jaw pressure of 1,500 pounds per square inch. Known as trotters, they have the endurance to cover up to 60 miles a day in search of food!

The River King

Can you swim against cold, rushing waters while leaping over sharp, craggy rocks? The Atlantic salmon can! This leaper has been called the king of fish primarily due to its spectacular ability to clear seemingly insurmountable obstacles.

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