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Published May 2, 2012 08:14 AM

TripAdvisor survey: travelers going greener

Green travel is gaining momentum with TripAdvisor members. More than 70 percent said they plan to make more eco-friendly choices over the next 12 months. Sixty-five percent said they made green choices over the past year.


In TripAdvisor's survey of 700+ U.S. travelers, 57 percent said they "often" make eco-friendly choices of hotel, transportation or food source. Forty-seven percent said they are equally eco-friendly at home and traveling.

Travelers' top three eco-friendly practices are:

- Turning off lights when not in hotel room—88 percent;

- Participating in hotel's linen/towel re-use program—80 percent; and

- Recycling in the hotel—57 percent.

Forty-four percent "mostly" believe hotel claims to be eco-friendly, 32 percent "rarely" do and 20 percent "don't know."

Other findings:

- 41 percent would believe a hotel's claim to be eco-friendly if they experienced or witnessed green practices first hand;

- 24 percent would be "green believers" if they were able to see a hotel's environmentally friendly certification; and

- 60 percent said they rarely feel informed about whether hotels are truly eco-friendly.

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