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Published July 18, 2012 06:45 AM

Johnson & Johnson making great progress on aggressive sustainability goals

Johnson & Johnson just released its new CSR report, which highlights the company's many achievements. In a few areas the company exceeded its goals, including reducing carbon emissions by seven percent by the end of 2010 from 1990 levels. Johnson & Johnson exceeded that goal by achieving a 23 percent reduction. Waste reduction is another area where the company exceeded its goal to reduce hazardous waste disposed by 10 percent and non-hazardous waste disposed by 10 percent from its 2005 baseline. The company decreased hazardous waste disposed by 25 percent and decreased non-hazardous waste disposed by 12 percent.


Every CSR report touts a company's achievements, and when it comes to managing climate change risks, Johnson & Johnson is on top of things. Every year it provides $40 million for energy and green gas reduction projects. In the last seven years, 112 energy reduction projects have been approved, and 94 of them have been completed. To date, $208 million has been spent.

In addition, the company has goals to reduce both its fleet emissions efficiency and facility carbon emissions. The Healthy Future 2015, a set of targets for the year 2015, goal for fleet emissions efficiency is a 20 percent improvement for its 28,000 owned or leased vehicles. The report states that the company is on track to meet the goal. The goal for facility carbon emissions is to achieve a 20 percent absolute reduction without voluntary carbon offsets or renewable energy credits by 2020. By the end of 2011, the company achieved a 4.9 percent reduction from 2010 levels.

J&J Headquarters building in New Brunswick, NJ via GlassDoor.

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