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Published February 14, 2013 09:56 AM

Find your Eco-Soulmate this Valentine's Day!

Single this Valentine’s Day? Not to worry - a new dating site based on a collaboration between the Ecologist and launches today and calls for green, ethically minded singles. 


Online dating has increased in popularity the past couple of years as our busy society has progressed to an ever-present online world. And with sites for nearly every kind of person- from religious affiliations to ethnicities, to sites solely for military personnel, we are bound to have success in meeting the types of people we want to meet. And now with the launch of yet another dating site, we have the option to find our eco-soulmate.

Whether or not algorithms and compatibility questionnaires can lead to the perfect match, more and more of us are trying online dating in the hopes of meeting Mr. (or Mrs.) Right. And research has shown that long-term, committed relationships do indeed develop from online dating agencies.

The collaboration hopes to enable like-minded, eco-friendly people to find each other. The Ecologist explains: "Whether it's making a decision on organic/fairtrade/local when you're doing the food shopping, or debating whether to give up the perfectly kept lawn for a riot of wildflowers, or flicking through holiday brochures looking for the ultimate green glamping getaway, these decision are always more enjoyable if you’re singing from the same (recycled) hymn sheet as your eco-friendly partner."

Some features of the website include 'Eco Search' - a key way of finding other eco-minded people as the computer will search out people whose profiles, jobs and interests flag them up as likely to be compatible with you. The site also features 'Eco Leaf' Badges on profiles: these get assigned according to how eco friendly the computer analyses each profile to be.

For example, five leaves indicate someone very eco-friendly - so they could be a vegan or activist who joined the site directly. Whereas, one leaf would indicate someone who is interested in 'green' issues such as vegetarian cooking or gardening and who indirectly connected via a partner site. It's a simple system that hopes to connect members with like-minded people.

The site launches today – on the most romantic day of the year: Valentine’s Day.

Read more at The Ecologist.

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