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Published February 18, 2013 06:29 AM

Rapid Expansion of EV Charging Stations Planned

The issue of electric vehicle range anxiety got a thorough airing last week, in the now notorious Tesla vs The New York Times battle. It started when Times reporter John Broder wrote a story about his recent Tesla Model S test drive. While acknowledging that the car itself is a thing of beauty (Motor Trend’s Car of the Year, to be precise) Broder detailed a litany of complaints about the driving experience on a 400-mile trip from Washington D.C. to Boston, primarily focusing on battery life and range. The whole thing ended ingloriously, short of the destination point with a spent battery and a tow truck involved.


Of course, taking a 400 mile jaunt (actually more, considering that Broder detoured through New York City) along some of the most heavily traveled arteries in the U.S. during the dead of winter is a dicey proposition under any circumstances, but if Broder set out to demonstrate that electric vehicles are not ready for prime time, he ended up proving something else entirely.

Taking a look at the big picture, clearly the electric vehicle charging infrastructure has not yet penetrated the U.S. market to the extent that gasoline stations have. If you plan on going on a long trip in an EV today, you need to plan it around the availability of charging stations.

However, some parts of the U.S. already do have ample access to charging stations, due to the availability of home and workplace charging as well as public charging stations.

EV charging stations image courtesy Boston University.

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