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Published September 9, 2013 10:30 AM

Are UK drivers more switched on to electric vehicles?

It may come as a surprise to those who drive in the UK but a recent survey by Censuswide and Rexel has revealed that 41% of British drivers surveyed would consider the purchase of an electric vehicle or hybrid over the next five years. The survey also revealed a number of anomalies with regards to the public’s perception of the electric vehicle industry which should give food for thought as we move forward with this new mode of transport.


This comes at a time when the UK government is under pressure to sell 1.7 million electric vehicles by 2020 and 6.3 million by 2030 if the country is to meet its carbon reduction targets. The government has already signed up to a scheme with the intention of reducing UK carbon emissions by 80% by 2050 – an ambitious target in the eyes of many people.

Range anxiety still a problem

It will produce come as no surprise to those who follow the EV industry that 62% of those surveyed confirmed that range anxiety is still a major problem in the minds of UK motorists.The fact that great progress has been made with regards to battery technology, with more to follow in the short to medium term, should help to allay these fears but there are concerns that the good news from industry is not getting out to UK motorists. It is vital that the industry opens a line of communication with potential EV buyers of the future to ensure there are no misunderstandings and all developments are made clear.

Quote from : "There is speculation of an air aluminium battery pack which could give electric vehicles journey capacity in excess of 1000 miles. Would this make a real difference for you?"

There are hopes that within the next five years or so we will see range anxiety become a thing of the past with some battery technologies in the pipeline which could result in 500 mile journey capacity per full battery charge. This would dismantle one of the major hurdles in the minds of UK motorists looking at alternative modes of transport in the future.

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