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Published February 14, 2014 08:05 AM

Six Caribbean Islands Sign On to Replace Diesel with Renewables

Brought together on Sir Richard Branson's Caribbean island retreat by the Carbon War Room and Rocky Mountain Institute, to work out a framework to effect a transition away from fossil fuels, six Caribbean island nations have agreed to replace diesel-fueled power with a mix of clean, sustainable renewable power generation, energy storage systems, and greater energy efficiency.


The founder of both the Virgin Group and Carbon War Room, Branson is spearheading the "Ten Island Renewable Challenge," an initiative that aims to promote and foster renewable energy development, enhance climate change resiliency, and support entrepreneurs and local businesses across the Caribbean Basin.

"Islands are a microcosm of larger energy systems around the world and offer an excellent test bed to demonstrate and scale innovative clean energy solutions," Rocky Mountain Institute co-founder and chief scientist Amory Lovins stated.

On the Front Lines of Global Warming

Island nations are on the front lines when it comes to global warming, as sea levels rise and threaten sparse freshwater resources and stronger storm surges raise the threat of inundation and loss of life and property. Typically reliant on imports of diesel and fossil fuels, island nations can also boast some of the highest energy prices in the world.

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