From: Reuters
Published July 20, 2006 12:00 AM

Hungary PM Declines Greenpeace Offer of Land

BUDAPEST — Hungary's prime minister has declined an offer by an environmental group of one square metre (10 sq ft) of land in neighbouring Romania to entice him into joining protests against an open-cast gold mine in the area.

Prime Minister Ferenc Gyurcsany on Wednesday declined the offer by Greenpeace of a patch of land in the Rosia Montana, where Canada's Gabriel Resources plans to open the mine.

Greenpeace hoped the offer would encourage Gyurcsany to support protests against the mine, which Greenpeace said could damage in the environment.

"While (the prime minister) appreciates the gesture of Greenpeace, he has no means to accept the present offered by the organisation," Gyurcsany's spokesman Andras Batiz said.

Source: Reuters

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