From: University of Windsor
Published March 31, 2017 07:37 AM

Research into water issues neither dry nor all wet

Installing green infrastructure in residential neighbourhoods can reduce stormwater run-off, mitigating the effects of climate change on sewer systems, says Zach McPhee.

His project modelling the benefits of “low-impact developments” in a Sault Ste. Marie subdivision was one of about 30 by graduate students in engineering on display Wednesday in observance of World Water Day.

McPhee, a master’s student in civil engineering who completed undergraduate studies last year (BASc 2016), compared several design options: permeable pavement for driveways and walks, landscaping features to retain water, rain barrels at downspouts, and infiltration trenches which store excess water underground.

“The ideal is to bring a developed site back near its natural hydrological conditions,” he says.


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Photo via University of Windsor.

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