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Published May 31, 2017 07:23 AM

Are Bidets More Environmentally Friendly Than Toilet Paper?

While bidets remain unpopular in America, they’re a familiar fixture in bathrooms all over the world. And they raise an inevitable question: Is it better for the environment if you wipe, or should you wash instead?

The answer may surprise you — and could lead you to rethink your next bathroom remodel.

When you hear the word “bidet,” you may picture a standalone bathroom fixture that sits next to the toilet, with water and temperature controls allowing the user to briefly spray their nether regions after going to the bathroom.

However, some bidets are actually mounted inside the toilet itself. A number of companies produce special toilet seats or bidet attachment kits, so you can use the toilet and then activate the bidet when you’re finished.

If you’re new to bidets, expect a gentle spray of warm water, followed by a jet of warm air — no need to pat dry with toilet paper!

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Photo credit: Ted and Dani Percival

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