From: University of Alberta
Published October 11, 2017 08:26 AM

Best way to save the caribou? Look at white-tailed deer and moose

The most effective way to save North America’s dwindling caribou herds is to keep numbers of invading prey animals—like deer and moose—low, according to a new UAlberta research study.

“Prey like moose and deer are expanding in numbers and range because of logging and climate change,” said Robert Serrouya, a postdoctoral fellow in biological sciences professor Stan Boutin’s lab.

Serrouya explains white-tailed deer and moose flourish in shrubby environments with less tree cover, which are becoming the norm due to forestry practices.

“More invasive prey species in turn increases predator numbers, such as wolves and cougars,” he said. “Caribou, who are more susceptible to predators, bear the brunt of this increase in predators.”


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Photo via University of Alberta.

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