From: Stockholm University
Published November 10, 2017 09:54 AM

Baltic Clams and Worms Release as Much Greenhouse Gas as 20 000 Dairy Cows

Worms and clams enhance the release of methane up to eight times more compared to sea bottoms without animals, shows a study by scientists at Stockholm University and Cardiff University.

Sea bottoms discharge greenhouse gases

While greenhouse gas emissions are increasing to unprecedented levels, the source and sink mechanisms for these emissions are still not yet fully understood. Sea bottoms have been shown to be important contributors of the two strong greenhouse gases methane and nitrous oxide. Firstly to the water and finally to the atmosphere, where they cause global warming.

Clams and worms release as much as 7% of the Swedish dairy cow population

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Image: Askö. Photographer: Alessandra Vicenzi (co-author of the study).

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