From: Kyodo News International, Tokyo
Published January 5, 2005 12:00 AM

Top 3 Japan Automakers to Give 580 Million Yen to Tsunami Relief

Jan. 6--TOKYO -- Toyota Motor Corp. and two other top Japanese automakers on Thursday announced plans worth a total of 580 million yen for relief efforts in Southeast Asia after the Dec. 26 devastating earthquake and tsunami.

Toyota said it will contribute 380 million yen, much more than the 100 million yen it donated in the case of the 1995 Great Hanshin Earthquake in western Japan.

Of the total, Toyota will donate 315 million yen mainly through the Japanese Red Cross Society, while the remaining 65 million yen will be given by Toyota's subsidiaries in Thailand, Indonesia and India.

Toyota's subsidiary in Sri Lanka has already provided food and other daily necessities to tsunami victims.

Honda Motor Co. said it has given 100 million yen -- 20 million yen to the International Committee of the Red Cross by Honda and the remainder raised by its local subsidiaries.

In addition, the Honda group offered power generators, food and other items totaling 7 million yen.

Nissan Motor Co. decided to give monetary and other support worth a total of 100 million yen. The company will also collect donations from employees.

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