Bali rainman seeks to keep climate talks dry
December 11, 2007 02:28 AM - Reuters

NUSA DUA, Indonesia (Reuters) - As a U.N. conference in Bali seeks ways to slow long-term climate change, a Balinese Hindu rainman has more immediate worries -- shielding the 10,000 delegates from tropical downpours.

Greenland ice sheet melting at record rate
December 11, 2007 12:56 AM - Reuters

"The amount of ice lost by Greenland over the last year is the equivalent of two times all the ice in the Alps, or a layer of water more than one-half mile deep covering Washington DC," said Konrad Steffen of the University of Colorado at Boulder.

Subtropical storm Olga forms in Caribbean
December 10, 2007 10:35 PM - Reuters

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - Subtropical storm Olga formed over the Virgin Islands on Monday, and prompted a tropical storm warning for the Dominican Republic as it headed west over the Caribbean, the U.S. National Hurricane Center said.

Democrats' report: White House misleads on climate
December 10, 2007 04:15 PM - By Deborah Zabarenko, Environment Correspondent, Reuters

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - With U.S. policy at the center of debate at a Bali climate change meeting, Democrats in Congress said on Monday that the White House manipulated science for years to cast doubt on reality of global warming.

Fourteen dead as ice storm sweeps U.S. Plains
December 10, 2007 02:39 PM - By Carey Gillam, Reuters

KANSAS CITY, Missouri (Reuters) - A deadly ice storm sweeping through the U.S. Plains left more than 400,000 people without power as temperatures plunged and was blamed for at least 14 deaths, authorities said on Monday.

Nobel winners say science must transcend borders
December 10, 2007 12:05 PM - By Sarah Edmonds, Reuters

STOCKHOLM (Reuters) - Scientists must break through the boundaries between disciplines and nations to find solutions to some of the great unanswered questions, some of 2007's Nobel prize winners said on Friday.

Spain unveils green home plan to beat global warming
December 10, 2007 10:15 AM - Reuters

Spain plans to give people grants to make their homes more environmentally-friendly, the prime minister said on Monday, a sign the government wants to push the green issue ahead of March's general election.

Prime Minister Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero on Monday said the Socialist government would hand out 1 billion euros ($1.47 billion) in direct subsidies to renovate old, energy-inefficient homes in 2008-2012, 200 million euros more than previously announced.

IETA says 2007 carbon market could hit $70 billion
December 10, 2007 09:19 AM - Reuters

Andrei Marcu, President of the International Emissions Trading Association, said an official figure would be released next year but activity was likely to be above a $60 billion estimate made earlier this year.

Kerry sells Democrats' green message in Bali
December 10, 2007 07:55 AM - Reuters

NUSA DUA, Indonesia (Reuters) - Senator John Kerry swept into climate talks in Bali on Monday saying an administration run by the Democrats would mean the difference between night and day on policies to fight global warming.

Kerry said the Democrats want to do everything President George W. Bush doesn't to fight climate change, namely back mandatory emissions targets and pass a bill to create a cap-and-trade system for carbon dioxide emissions.

"I am convinced the politics of 2009 in the United States are going to be just night and day, different from where we have been before," he told a news conference.

Nobel Winner Gore: "Make Peace With The Planet"
December 10, 2007 07:52 AM - Reuters

OSLO (Reuters) - Climate campaigner Al Gore collected the Nobel Peace Prize on Monday and said it was time to stop waging war on the earth and make peace with the planet.

The former U.S. vice president shared the 2007 peace prize with the United Nations' Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change whose head, Rajendra Pachauri, urged leaders at a U.N. climate conference in Indonesia to heed the wisdom of science.

"Without realizing it, we have begun to wage war on the earth itself," Gore said in the prepared text of his speech. "It is time to make peace with the planet."

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