In Indonesia Development of Cepu Oil Field Begins
August 10, 2009 06:34 AM - Ed Davies, Reuters

In Bojonegoro, Indonesia, development of a large oil field is likely to get the economy pumping. Oil production could start to flow from the huge Cepu field straddling East and Central Java later this month and eventually add millions of dollars to the coffers of local governments, as well as an influx of workers and a wave of new expectations.

Do Clouds Come From Outer Space?
August 9, 2009 10:21 AM - Phil Berardelli, Science

Most of Earth's clouds get their start in deep space. That's the surprising conclusion from a team of researchers who argue that interstellar cosmic rays collide with water molecules in our atmosphere to form overcast skies.

Pipeline spills crude into French nature reserve
August 9, 2009 10:14 AM - Reuters

Four thousand cubic meters (140,000 cu ft) of crude oil has spewed into a nature reserve on the edge of France's Camargue national park after an underground pipe burst, officials said on Friday. "This is a real ecological disaster," junior environmental minister Chantal Jouanno told reporters after visiting the area in the far south of France.

OPINION: U.S. Climate Funds Increase, Future Levels in Doubt
August 7, 2009 10:17 AM - Miriam Pemberton, Worldwatch Institute

The world's nations will gather in Copenhagen, Denmark, this December to negotiate a landmark agreement to prevent full-blown climate change. If they fail, large landmasses around the world will be vulnerable to weather extremes, droughts, flooding, food insecurity, spreading disease vectors, and sea-level rise.

More wildfire, more bad air
August 7, 2009 10:10 AM - Bettina Boxall, LA Times

An expected rise in wildfire in coming decades is bad news for western lungs.

Arctic Ocean may be polluted soup by 2070
August 6, 2009 09:40 AM - Kate Ravilious, NewScientist

Without drastic cuts in emissions, the Transpolar Drift, one of the Arctic's most powerful currents and a key disperser of pollutants, is likely to disappear because of global warming.

Deet Found to be Neurotoxic
August 6, 2009 06:49 AM - Science Daily

The active ingredient in many insect repellents, deet, has been found to be toxic to the central nervous system. Researchers say that more investigations are urgently needed to confirm or dismiss any potential neurotoxicity to humans, especially when deet-based repellents are used in combination with other neurotoxic insecticides.

Clean Air Watch: EPA Deserves Passing Grade for Air Plan
August 4, 2009 10:22 AM - Frank O'Donnell, Clean Air Watch

The non-profit Clean Air Watch today said the U.S. EPA is on track to get a passing grade for its proposal to deal with dangerous nitrogen dioxide air pollution.

Millennium Project Report Issued on the Future of the World
August 4, 2009 07:10 AM - Roger Greenway, ENN

A major report issued by the United Nations Millenium Project has just been released. It finds that half the world appears vulnerable to social instability and violence due to increasing and potentially prolonged unemployment from the recession as well as several longer-term issues: decreasing water, food, and energy supplies per person; the cumulative effects of climate change; and increasing migrations due to political, environmental, and economic conditions. It also finds some good in the global financial crisis, which may be helping humanity to move from its often selfish, self-centered adolescence to a more globally responsible adulthood.

Cash for Clunkers Omits Ethanol Option & Downside of Recycling
August 3, 2009 10:23 AM - John Gartner , Clean Techies

The cash for clunkers program is already proving too good to be true. But the trade-in program has 2 flaws that should prompt legislators from a knee-jerk reaction to extend the program.

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