Mass Mobilizations in Mexico Temporarily Stop Bush-Calderon Oil Privatization
April 30, 2008 09:20 AM - , Organic Consumers Association

The Peaceful Civil Resistance Movement in Mexico has entered a new stage in their struggle against the U.S.-led offensive to privatize Pemex, Mexico's national oil corporation. On Friday, April 25, the deputies of the three political parties that make up the Broad Progressive Front (FAP) ended their 16-day takeover/occupation of the Senate and National Assembly chambers in Mexico after a deal was worked out with the legislative coordinators of the two ruling parties in Mexico: the PRI and the PAN.

Safe water? Lessons from Kazakhstan
April 29, 2008 09:48 AM - www.nottingham.ac.uk

Despite significant efforts to improve access to safe water and sanitation, a new report co-authored by an expert at The University of Nottingham, argues that much more needs to be done. A major survey in Kazakhstan found that, despite meeting the UN definition of what constitutes safe water, a large number of people reported suffering from illnesses like hepatitis and gastroenteritis.

Plan to reverse global warming could backfire
April 25, 2008 05:15 AM - Reuters

CHICAGO (Reuters) - A proposed solution to reverse the effects of global warming by spraying sulfate particles into Earth's stratosphere could make matters much worse, climate researchers said on Thursday. They said trying to cool off the planet by creating a kind of artificial sun block would delay the recovery of the Antarctic ozone hole by 30 to 70 years and create a new loss of Earth's protective ozone layer over the Arctic.

EU considers truck pollution charges

EU countries would be allowed to charge heavy road users for the costs they incur on society, including congestion, air pollution and noise — something prohibited by EU law up till now — according to an early draft of a Commission proposal to revise its 'Eurovignette Directive'. The draft document seen by EurActiv suggests that toll prices on roads could be raised to include medical care for health problems relating to air and noise pollution, but also related productivity losses and welfare costs — for example due to sleep disturbance.

Report confirms ozone pollution can kill
April 22, 2008 07:01 PM - Reuters

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - Even breathing in a little ozone at levels found in many areas is likely to kill some people prematurely, the National Research Council reported on Tuesday. The report recommends that the Environmental Protection Agency consider ozone-related mortality in any future ozone standards, and said local health authorities should keep this in mind when advising people to stay indoors on polluted days.

Greece suspended from UN Kyoto carbon trading
April 22, 2008 11:40 AM - Reuters

OSLO/LONDON (Reuters) - Greece has been suspended from U.N. carbon trading in an unprecedented punishment for violating greenhouse gas reporting rules that underpin a fight against global warming, officials said on Tuesday. A group of legal experts enforcing compliance with the U.N.'s Kyoto Protocol also said it was opening proceedings against Canada for alleged violations of rules on accounting for heat-trapping gases.

Clean Air Watch to car companies: stop fibbing, start making cleaner cars
April 22, 2008 08:13 AM - , Clean Air Watch

It’s a lovely Friday in our nation’s capital, but it’s being marred by the emissions of a new lobbying blitz by car companies and car dealers. They held a press briefing today. The target here is any attempt to reinstate the right of California and other states to set greenhouse gas standards for motor vehicles. There they go again! The same companies that literally fought for decades against better fuel economy standards now claim new standards enacted by Congress are just peachy.

EU heads for climate talks with China
April 22, 2008 06:53 AM - Reuters

The European Commission's biggest-ever delegation to China heads for Beijing this week, hoping to progress from words to action on China's soaring greenhouse gas emissions and its tense trade ties with Europe. European Commission President Jose Manuel Barroso will have to tread a careful line because he also intends to raise the handling of pro-independence unrest in Tibet and human rights in general in China in the meetings with the country's leadership.

Carbon cap would cost U.S. households 1 percent: report
April 21, 2008 01:22 PM - Reuters

Capping carbon emissions would cost U.S. households less than one cent on the dollar over the next two decades, an environmental group reported on Monday, disputing critics who say mandatory limits on greenhouse gases would cost jobs and damage the economy. "The United States can enjoy robust economy growth over the next several decades while making ambitious reductions in greenhouse gas emissions," the study by Environmental Defense Fund concluded. "And in the long run, the coming low-carbon-economy can provide the foundation for sustained American economic growth and prosperity."

Climate talks advance, but split on 2050 goals
April 19, 2008 09:55 AM - Reuters

PARIS (Reuters) - Major economies made progress in defining the building blocks of a new U.N. deal to fight climate change on Friday but ended split over whether to set a goal of halving world greenhouse gas emissions by 2050. The U.S.-led meeting of 17 nations accounting for 80 percent of global greenhouse gas emissions, ended with common ground on sharing clean technologies, financing and possible sectoral emissions goals for industries such as steel or cement.

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