Toyota and Ford Give In and Plug In
January 19, 2008 10:20 AM - , Triple Pundit

Toyota and Ford unveiled plug-in hybrid-electric versions of their vehicles at this week's Detroit Auto Show. This decision to give in and plug in is monumental. Consumer pressure from organizations like PlugInAmerica and Plug-In Partners most likely played a significant role. The growing number of entrepreneurial companies that offer plug-in conversion services could have also influenced Toyota's and Ford's decision to offer plug-in models themselves.

High protein diet keeps hunger at bay
January 19, 2008 04:20 AM - Reuters

CHICAGO (Reuters) - Diets high in protein may be the best way to keep hunger in check, U.S. researchers said on Thursday in a study that offers insight into how diets work. They found that protein does the best job at keeping a hunger hormone in check, while carbohydrates and fats may well deserve their current nasty reputation.

Company claims cloned humans and made stem cells
January 17, 2008 07:05 PM - Reuters

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - A California company said on Thursday it used cloning technology to make five human embryos, with the eventual hope of making matched stem cells for patients. Stemagen Corp. in La Jolla, California, destroyed the embryos while testing to make sure they were true clones. But the researchers, based at a fertility center, said they believed their ready source of new human eggs would make their venture a success.

Hybrid school buses hit the road
January 17, 2008 09:54 AM - Iowa State University

You’ve got to be careful with the accelerator because hybrid school buses like to go. Dan Taghon, the director of transportation for the Sigourney Community School District in southeast Iowa, said his district’s new hybrid bus has been running routes since Jan. 3. And Taghon, who drives the bus on one of the district’s six routes, said he likes the 65-passenger machine powered by an electric motor and a V-8 diesel engine.

French minister says "non, merci" to cloned bifteck
January 17, 2008 08:24 AM - Reuters

PARIS (Reuters) - Americans may eat it if they want, but the agriculture minister of France said on Thursday that if offered a dish of cloned meat, he'd have to say "non." Asked if he would eat cloned foods, Michel Barnier told a radio interviewer: "No. You ask me a direct question, I reply no. There is no question of it for now."

India and Bangladesh struggle to rein in bird flu spread
January 17, 2008 08:19 AM - Reuters

KOLKATA, India (Reuters) - Villagers at the centre of a bird flu outbreak in India's east refused to hand over their chickens and ducks for culling on Thursday, hampering efforts to stamp out the disease in poultry. But in neighboring Bangladesh the culling of thousands of fowl went on smoothly after the virus was detected in three more districts.

Swiss study in mice may lead to new pain drugs
January 16, 2008 02:37 PM - Reuters

CHICAGO (Reuters) - Enhancing a natural pain-filtering mechanism in the spine helped relieve chronic pain in mice without the unwanted side effects of current pain relievers, Swiss researchers said on Wednesday. They honed in on a specific molecule that helps prevent chronic pain signals from reaching the brain, without blocking normal pain messages that alert people to danger.

Scientists find 2,000 pound rodent - luckily it's a fossil
January 16, 2008 10:13 AM - Reuters

The giant creature probably ate soft food such as fruit or tender plants, Andres Rinderknecht and Ernesto Blanco of the National Museum of Natural History in Montevideo reported on Wednesday.

Inflatable Cars
January 16, 2008 09:39 AM - , Triple Pundit

Inflatable cars? What?!! A Bay Area startup, XP vehicles is tossing in its radical idea for a proposed ultra light, ultra-efficient car that is powered by both fuel cells and batteries. The body of this radical concept is proposed to be made up of preinflated airbags, of which, the company claims will be so safe that you could actually drive the car off of a 25-ft cliff without inflicting injury. The inflatable car is scheduled to be targeted at Asian markets initially.

Analysis: Nano Hypocrisy?
January 16, 2008 09:14 AM - , Worldwatch Institute

One car gets 46 miles per gallon, features fancy accessories, and sports two engines with a combined 145 horsepower. The other car reportedly gets 54 miles per gallon, runs on a diminutive 30-horsepower engine, and is positively spartan in its interior trimmings. The first is a darling of the environmentally conscious. The latter is reviled as a climate wrecker. These two vehicles are the Toyota Prius and the newly unveiled Tata Nano, dubbed “the people’s car.” Is there a double standard?

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