South Korea in Huge Poultry Cull to Halt Bird Flu
December 1, 2006 12:00 AM - Reuters

South Korea will cull more than half a million fowl in a bid to prevent the spread of the deadly H5N1 strain of bird flu, having already killed 150,000 chickens near farms where the virus was found, officials said on Thursday.

Piranha Among 13 New Species of Venezuelan Fish
December 1, 2006 12:00 AM - Reuters

Scientists have found a new type of piranha and a ray among 13 new species of freshwater fish in an area of Venezuela where pollution from gold mines is emerging as a threat, a conservationist said on Thursday.

Lake Sturgeon Risks Extinction, Canada Researchers Say
December 1, 2006 12:00 AM - Jonathan Spicer, Reuters

A fish whose ancestors date back 400 million years could be just 150 years from extinction, a group of Canadian researchers said this week.

Bug Species Hurts Barbados Crops, Plants
November 30, 2006 12:00 AM - Roseann Pile, Associated Press

A foreign bug species is sucking the life out of crops and native plants across Barbados, which has already been overrun by an infestation of ravenous snails that are rapidly destroying cultivated fields.

Feds Propose Plan for Puget Sound Orcas
November 30, 2006 12:00 AM - Elizabeth M. Gillespie, Associated Press

The National Marine Fisheries Service proposed a recovery plan Tuesday for Puget Sound's endangered population of killer whales, including new research, better coordination with other government agencies and cleanup and closer monitoring of polluted sites.

Some Bears May Not Sleep Through Winter
November 30, 2006 12:00 AM - Associated Press

Some southern Arizona black bears may not sleep through the hibernation season because they may not have gotten enough to eat beforehand, a wildlife official says.

Giant Prehistoric Fish Packed Quite a Bite
November 29, 2006 12:00 AM - Will Dunham, Reuters

It was the first super predator of the ancient seas and its fearsome, jagged jaws still inspire awe 400 million years later. The armor-plated fish Dunkleosteus was a 33-foot-long , four-ton monster that terrorized other marine life in the Devonian Period.

Animals Brought to Hawaii Flourish with Mixed Results
November 29, 2006 12:00 AM - Tara Godvin, Associated Press

In Hawaii's warm, moist environment, interlopers have flourished. Known as invasive species, they pillage native forests, screech through the night in suburban neighborhoods and root around in rural taro patches.

Study Finds Great Lakes Threatened by Aging Sewage Systems
November 29, 2006 12:00 AM - Associated Press

The untreated urban sewage and effluents that flow into the Great Lakes each year are threatening a critical ecosystem that supplies water to millions of people, according to a study by a Canadian environmental group.

Satellite to Track Elusive Pakistani Snow Leopards
November 29, 2006 12:00 AM - Reuters

Conservationists in Pakistan have for the first time attached a satellite tracking collar to a snow leopard with the aim of gathering crucial information for efforts to save the endangered big cats.

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