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Published July 29, 2011 07:10 AM

How to avoid being eaten by lions

Being eaten by lions is probably something we'd all like to avoid. Deadly 60 presenter Steve Backshall shares his top tips to help us steer clear of the killer jaws of big cats.

1. Stay in the car. "Lions don't see a car as prey, so you’re safer inside", our director Giles insists, if you’re in a vehicle, stay in it.

2. If you go tracking on foot be extra vigilant.

3. Always travel with a local guide. (Our team had two local guides with them at all times.)

4. Carry a big stick and a firearm. (But use them as a deterrent, never intending to inflict harm on the animal. A hurt lion is a very angry lion.)

5. Keep your eyes open: You'd be amazed how close a 500lb lion can get without you noticing.

6. Always have a 'spotter'. Just because you're filming one lion, doesn't mean there isn't another behind you.

7. Travel in a group: Lions are less likely to attack a group. Our team always stuck together and no one ever went out alone.

8. Know the signs: a lion spoor (footprint) has one pointed and three oval parts.

9. Don’t interrupt their lunch: If you get between them and a carcass, you could be next on the menu.

10. Know their behavior: Lions are more likely to be aggressive if there are cubs around or when they are mating. But a sleeping lion can spring up and attack in the blink of an eye, so never get complacent.

So remember, read the signs and keep your wits about you!

Photo credit:  BBC Earth

To see more tips and some really incredible images link to BBC Earth.

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